Service Lane eAdvisor Dealer Administration

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Toolbar v3.3.13
Firmware v84


3.3.0 Feature Pull in most recent GM Workbench accepted/declined services.
3.2.3 Feature Automatically grab GM advisor name for GM API request.
3.2.2 Feature Automatically grab GM BAC & GMIN.
Feature Restart SVS when credentials are updated.
3.2.0 Feature GM Previous Visit Date/Odometer
Feature GM My Rewards
3.1.0 Feature Shorthand Crowdsourcing
Feature Zurich Service Contract Rating
3.0.0 Feature Auto Update Feature The user now can switch between standard or extended TIS formats.
Feature The user now can set the summary slider as the topmost form. This will prevent the slider from dropping behind other windows.
Bug Fix Toyota Care expiration date no longer displays as the plan start date.
Bug Fix We now determine if the vehicle still qualifies for Toyota Care based on the expiration date, mileage, and open services.
Update The SVS button will now blink green again when there are notifications available.


Note v80+ require require a minimum toolbar version of 3.*.
PRD083 Update
Feature Added GM API support
Feature Added WiFi passthrough support for debugging
PRD082 Update
Feature Fixed Nissan DTC issues
Feature Firmware now captures and reports negative responses
Feature Firmware now reports serial number
Feature Fixed Toyota power mode issues
Feature Fixed 2020+ Tacoma decode issues
PRD081 Update
Feature Model year update for 2021
80 Bug Fix SD mode fixes
Update Support for 2021 GM vehicles
Update Support for 2020+ FCA trucks
Note v78+ require require a minimum toolbar version of 2.3.*.
79 Feature Added support for Ford engine hours.
Feature Added Global B DTC clear code ability.
Feature Nissan support.
Bug Fix Fixed SD mode not sending data under some situations.
Update 2019 FCA VIN decoder.
Update Improved CTS reliability.
78 Feature Added support for Global B DTCs
Feature DHCP can now be enabled through dealer utility
Bug Fix Fixed bug when using SSID with exactly 9 characters.
Bug Fix Fixed issue causing WiFi programming issues when SSID length was 9
Bug Fix Fixed issue with 2019+ Tahoe failing to retrieve odometer
Bug Fix Fixed missing Toyota Yaris WMI
Update Rebuilt Ford VIN decoder for all model years
Update Redesigned GM and Ford DTC methods
Update More reliable Ford, Honda and Toyota odometer retrieval methods
Service Contracts Nissan & Honda rating